DIY: Replace Your Tire

An integral and critical part of the ignition services, spark plugs can easily become fouled, damaged or worn out and may require replacements. Avoiding it or postponing it can lead to a multitude of engine problems. Generally, replacing spark plug-ins is recommended after an average of 30,000 miles. Apart from it, the below mentioned telltale signs should alert you for replacing spark plug-ins which.

In an idle stationary mode, if the engine produces a rough and jittery sound instead of a smooth sound, it means the car is raising the red flag. Engine hesitation may also occur i.e. the car sucks more air than standard during the combustion process and jerks before slowing down and stopping or starting.

Often people assume the car start-up issues arising from a fuel or battery issue. However, faulty spark plugs can also be the culprit that actually causes the battery to drain pretty fast. An engine misfiring and causing the vehicle to stop for a fraction of a second or more along with higher emissions can be the aftereffect of a spark plug-in issue. Higher fuel consumption and poor acceleration are other signs signifying for replacing spark plug-ins. When facing the issue, do remember to pay us a visit on priority basis.